2018 NIIRVA Summer Bucket List

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…”–Susan Polis Schutz.

It’s Summer! We are officially breaking out the flip-flops, bikinis, and rosé bottles as summertime is the greatest time of the year!

In celebration of the most wonderful season, we’ve written a 2018 NIIRVA Summer Bucket List. Whether you want to add to your already existing bucket list or take inspiration from ours; we can’t wait to enjoy every bit of the sunny days ahead.

Attend the Pinknic: June 30th-July 1st is the return of the rosé and music festival on Governor’s Island dubbed ‘Pinknic.’ The festival is full of good food, rosé, pink hues, and good summertime vibes.

Charcoal Ice Cream: Ice cream is a summertime staple, but this summer, we’re getting adventurous eating, Charcoal Ice Cream.  At least if we hate the taste, it’ll make a good Instagram post!

Pools & Pool Floats: We’re hoping to cruise around the pool on either a giant golden swan or rose gold pink flamingo–really as long as it’s in the pool we’re not picky!

Sunflower Field: We can’t wait to find a sunflower field, pull over, and take plenty of photos–for the blog, of course!

Beach Bums: Hitting the beach is a summer-no-brainer! What we’re taking with us to the beach can all be carried inside this NIIRVA crochet bag–perfect for an ocean day!

Craft Flower Crowns: One summer day will be dedicated to picking wildflowers and then making them into flower crowns–we already have some crafty tips!

Shake Our Pom-Poms: Pom-poms were BIG a few seasons ago, but we are planning on bringing them back–again! See how we styled our favorite pom-pom looks in the past, here.

Drive with the Top Down: What’s a great way to kill a summer Sunday afternoon? Go for a country drive with the top down of your jeep or convertible. Beep. Beep!

Mamma Mia 2 Sing-Along: Did you hear? Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again is coming to theaters July 20th. Grab your besties and head to the theater to sing-along to our favorite ABBA tunes! How can we resist?

NIIRVA Crochet Bag 

So, that’s just the start of what we are hoping to do this summer–it’s good to leave a little room for spontaneous plans! Follow us on Twitter to stay in-style and in-the-know! #Inspiredstyle