How To Throw A Boho Evening Soirée


Now that the nights are a little warmer, the skies are filled with stars, and fireflies roam the backyards, it is the ideal time to throw a boho chic inspired summertime soirée . Just imagine, treating your friends and family to a night of a beautifully decorated table, good food, great conversation, and easy-listening music lingering in the background. Pretty inspired, right?

While this party idea sounds magical, it can sound a bit daunting too. Not to worry, we have a few party tips and elements that you can use when it comes to throwing your own summer night party.


untitled-1-155 Color Combo

Pick a color combination that you can stick with when selecting everything from your party decorations, dinnerware, and even your food and drink selections. Having a color palette picked from the start will make your decision making abilities easier and quicker. Often, boho colors are rich earth tones, but don’t be afraid to go with bold choices too–like turquoise and a bright orange or various shades of soft and bright pinks. Visit our NIIRVA Style Pinterest board for more color inspiration.

Table Settings

Table decorations are key to hosting a pretty party. Since this is a boho themed event, pick bohemian elements that you can create flower arrangements with as well as centerpieces. Popular boho items are plenty of vibrant colored flowers, succulents in ceramic/clay pots, and feathers–you can add a touch of feathers to your potted plants, name cards, and napkin rings.

Special Touches

Adding certain small yet special elements to your party not only conveys the mood, but shows your guests that you are a thoughtful host. You can provide various bangles that guests can slip around their glasses/wine glass stems so they can remember who’s drink is who’s. Creative? We think so. See our NIIRVA bangles for some inspiration.

Pillow Seat

If your outdoor soirée gets bigger by the numbers and you are out of room, no worries. Lush pillows make for a very Moroccan themed party. Also, draping colorful fabrics and stringing lights sets the tone for a very bohemian mood.


Final Touches

A Wild Rose Petal Sangria recipe from Feasting at Home would make a darling final touch to your neatly decorated table. You can also add various scarves to place around flower arrangements as well as for napkins or party favors–we have some from our shop.   Also, providing flower crowns or a flower crown making party is another way to bring the BOHO vibe into your ultimate summertime soirée . You can read our past blog post on how-to-make your very own flower crown.

Are you inspired yet to create your own boho night? Hopefully, you are. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @shopniirva  as we will be posting various boho summer evening party ideas throughout the month of July. Make sure you use the hashtag #InspiredStyle so we can see your party plans too.

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