BOHO Indian Summer

Wishing for an Indian Summer Autumn is approaching quickly, too quickly! While we here at NIIRVA are ready for plenty of fringes, suede, and wide brim hats we are almost certain that it’s going to be an Indian Summer. Basically, an Indian Summer is hot and dry weather that occurs within the first couple of weeks of fall. Also, the term can mean happiness brought to one later in life. Whatever definition you prefer, we aren’t complaining about desert like conditions as we’ll pretend it’s Coachella in autumn.

Here are a few of our Indian Summer picks. You be the judge of what your BOHO-glow favorite is.

Round Metal Sunnies: Circular and metal style frames are always a BOHO babe’s go-to sunglasses no matter the season.

Silk Bangles/NIIRVA: A fun arm party is an Indian Summer welcome party!

Ripped Denim: Destressed denim is a perfect in-between-seasons transition piece. The more holes in the pants, the more we love them!

Long Sleeve Ruffles: The long sleeve ruffle t-shirt is an Indian Summer/early fall staple. Tip, go for a neutral color so it can be paired with anything.

NIIRVA Teardrop Earrings: New earrings are always seasonal must have.

Bar Necklaces: Tiny bar necklaces inscribed with an important date or name may be small, but they make one heck of a statement.

Birkenstocks: If the weather is still too hazy for suede booties opt for suede Birkenstocks instead. You’ll be glad you did.

Metallic: Metallic pieces are great for all seasons.

Nudes: Natural beauties have always been the BOHO way and the same can be said for nude nail hues. A lighter nail color can be a seasonal refresher after all the neons this past summer.

Chunky Cardigans: The Indian Summery days may be hot, but the evenings can be a bit chilly. Chunky knits are a girl’s BFF.

Pointed Toe Lace-up Flats: You’re about to see the pointed toe lace-up flats everywhere as they are going to be fall’s hot new shoes. Look for them in red, black, and tan.

Plaid: Fall and plaid can never make you mad. If it’s super hot you can pair the plaid shirt with some jean shorts.

Saddle Bags: Small leather saddle bags have just enough room for your iPhone, lipstick, and Bohemian attitude.

Beaded Bangles/NIIRVA: Beads and the BOHO vibe go together nicely!

If we’re lucky enough to have an Indian Summer let’s run with it! No worries, as we’ll be back next month with a whole new approach to a more traditional fall #ootd attire. Stay beautiful, live inspired. Tweet us your early autumn faves @shopniirva.

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