Boo! Babe. 5 Cute DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween costume ideas

Happy October! In other words, Happy Halloween. Not only is it the scariest month {in the best kind of way} but it’s one of the most creative months too. Whether you’re busy decorating your home, porch, picking pumpkins, or dipping candied apples–October is full of creative activities.

DIY-ing your own Halloween costume is one of our favorite things to do this time of year–have you seen our handmade floral crowns?

Regardless, we are feeling spooky! Here are our five do-it-yourself Halloween costume ideas to try.

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas: 

  1. Cruella De Ville: This Brit & Co Cruella costume is so easy–we bet you already have everything you need on hand in your closet. A glam-Disney villain is always a crowd favorite.
  2. Woodland Animals: This Lauren Conrad woodland party animal DIY costume is so deer! Plus, it’s one of those costumes where you’re wearing a costume but feels as if you’re wearing normal everyday clothes. Love!
  3. Mermaid: We are blown away by the costume that The House That Lars made–a magical mermaid made from supplies {tink paper cutlery}. Do us a solid, make this and be this mermaid!
  4. DIY Letterboard Costume: The blog, Aww Sam is always amazing. Letterboards are so trendy (rn) and Sam’s take on a pink and white letterboard as a costume is the cutest!
  5. DIY Circus Performers: Another Lauren Conrad original, but who can’t get The Greatest Showman out of their head? This girly-glam (and kind of BOHO) circus performer costume idea is so creative and chic.

As for a few standouts in our shop this month…

We are loving:

Stay inspired!