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Host a Staycation

Is the fear of FOMO (the fear of missing out) setting in as you’re watching all your social media friends jet off to one Instagramable location to the next? Instead of getting green with envy get creative! Even if you have little to no travel plans set this summer–breath–we have a (great) idea/solution. Plan a ‘staycation’ right at home. There are perks to doing a staycation–no travel delays as well as it’s a money saving option. Plus, it’s fun to think outside of the vacay box.

So, what do you need for a staycation? Read on:

  • Beach Dirt: Sweets are probably the best way to ‘escape.’ Surely, this awesome recipe from Aww Sam will have your taste buds (and mind) beach wandering. (via Aww Samm)

  • Garland and Decor: In order to feel as if you pressed the “escape button” you’ll have to get crafty with your tropical decor. Think in punchy and bold color schemes when creating your inner oasis decorations. (via A Beautiful Mess)

  • Pool Floaties (Price varies): Whether you have a pool or a big backyard playful pool floats will add a new sense of fun to your staycation. SunnyLife USA has the cutest selection.

  • Nostalgia Cotton Candy Machine ($25): You’d think having your own personal cotton candy maker would be expensive, but there are affordable options out there! This Nostalgia one is under $30! What doesn’t say summertime fun like backyard cotton candy?

  • Copper Smartphone Projector ($30): After you’ve had your fun in the sun, watching a movie, music video or Insta Stories on a smartphone projector (yep, outdoors) will feel as if you’re at the drive-in. Pass the popcorn.

So, how do you feel about hosting your own staycation? Tweet us!

Summertime Staples: Pom-Poms and Tassels

Top | Espadrilles | Beach Bag | Straw Hat | Phone Case | Cactus Candle | Tassel Keychain | Kutch Purse

Home Interior Designer, Jonathan Adler once said, “There’s no right answer except to play and experiment.” With summer finally here the same thought process can be applied to our summertime wardrobes.

Whether you’re on summer vacay, a fashion blogger, or someone who’s looking for a fun way to add a little of color into their day to day–now’s the time to do so!

Instead of buying a completely new wardrobe adding a few touches such as pom-poms and tassels is one affordable way to incorporate summer trends into your closet.

Aside from the few vibrant picks above, we are currently closet craving:

via Brit + Co 

While there’s an endless retail selection of colorful summertime accessories out there you can also DIY yourself something chic too. Are you handy with the glue gun? If so, we’re loving this tassel earring DIY from Brit + Co. Also, this DIY tassel dress from A Beautiful Mess is no stress!

So, what’d you think? Are you ready to take your summer wardrobe to a new colorful level? If so, tweet us and us hashtag #InspiredStyle.



Summer’s Embroidery Trend

Boho Necklaces at Niirva

Alas, it’s finally feeling like summer as the rainy spring days melt into warmer sunnier ones ahead. Summertime may be the best time to show your bohemian style. Luckily, there are new trends on the horizon that incorporate the typical ”flower child” boho look, but with a fresh new spin. Embroidered flowers, hearts, skulls, and patchwork designs are all the rage this season. In fact, WWD is predicting that the embroidered style concept will flow well into the fall.

Whether you are feeling sunny in a bright yellow embroidered neckline top or rocking the stitched design block heel trend there are various ways to get in on the trendiest summery look.

Of course, we have a few items to stock your closets with various embroidered bags as well as ones embellished with delicate beading. It’s summer, so of course, you’ll want to keep it light and bright.

Our beaded Jacquard clutch purse will easily transition your daytime look into a stylish nighttime one.

Who can guess the most popular pose at this year’s Coachella? If you don’t know, it was posed with arms raised overhead. Obviously, you’ll look like a boho babe in the same pose only with the extra help from these threaded beaded bangles.

Possibly, our ULTIMATE embroidered bag, the Kutch bag. As it comes in various colors/patch works–if you buy one threaded item this season this guy is the one.

& In case you’re curious a few May music festivals going on this month are:

Happy Summer!

Coachella 2017

Images via

Happy spring–officially! With spring’s arrival and the month of April here that can only mean one thing–it’s Coachella time. It’s our favorite season! What is a better time to bring out your boho best than during festival season?

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about this year’s Coachella 2017 festivities as well as inspiration to shop our boho basics.

Here’s the Coachella 2017 Rundown: 

  • Two Weekends: April 14th-16th & 21st-23rd
  • The Line Up: This year’s lineup is huge! Ranging from Alison Swing to Zipper Club. See the full list here.
  • Artists: There’s more than music at Coachella. There will be plenty of art on display from artists ranging from Crown Ether to Balloon Chain. See all the cool artist here.
  • Car Camping: Car camping is totally a thing at Coachella! Basically, for $113 you’ll live like a boho babe for the festival weekend.
  • Food: Aside from peace & love vibes the food and drink vendors at Coachella are amazing–see here for all the yummy details.
  • Safari Tents: Possibly, the coolest form of festival camping–Safari Tents! This rad form of lodging has air conditioning, a concierge, breakfast and late night snacks, as well as games and plenty of good times.
  • Tee Pee: You can also stay in the festival’s Lake Eldorado–in a tee-pee tent! For a sizzling 2k, you and a friend can ‘Coachella’ like a boho queen.
  • Recycle Rex: Coachella is beaming with sustainability ideas and their ‘recycle bin’ is a huge T-Rex. Oh yeah, his name is, Recyclosaurus Rex.
  • TRASHed Art of Recycling 2017: Artists (that means you too) submit their photos of how they turned plain trash cans into cool artwork. The best of the bunch will be on display at Coachella 2017 for all to marvel. Of course, with the full purpose behind the trash can art being recycling is hip.
  • Signs: Coachella also has a unique thing going on with their signs. This year, they have switched to wood signs. To view, a small gallery read here. The idea is in an effort to be more eco-friendly with the help from sign creators, Prints on Wood–who also plant a tree for every sign that gets ordered. Cool right?

So, Coachella sounds pretty amazing right?! If you’re not lucky enough to be attending this year–there is always next. Follow them on the ‘gram @coachella.

As for us, we’re dressed for the occasion. Be sure to check out our shop for pretty bangles and all your boho basics.

In the meantime, we’ll be desert dreaming. #InspiredStyle

Spring Break 2017 Essentials

While the waves may be breaking against the seashore we are breaking for spring break with serious sun-seeking intentions. After all, as winter passes (hopefully) everyone could use a bit of Vitamin Sea about now. Therefore, we are featuring a few spring break essentials here on the blog and on Instagram all March long. It’s spring break March Madness!


Everyone is still in love with pom-pom and off the shoulder style tops. After all, they’re so fun it’s easy to see why. This particular Alexa cold shoulder top would be a great spring break addition. You can dress it up for a beach view dinner or dress it down for an afternoon of sightseeing and selfie taking.

Embroidered Clutch.

Whether you need a safe (and stylish) place to keep your phone, camera, and cash our Kutch clutch from our shop will help you with that. Being the BOHO babes that we are the bohemian style of this bag will fit in with your tropical vibes.

image via

Shell Yeah Swimsuit.

Heading to the ocean? Shell Yeah! Fun, cheeky swimwear is in for resort 2017 season. Don’t be caught off-duty, instead sport a fun graphic suit like this one from Nordstrom. We are also coveting Shop’s ‘Hot Tub Club‘ pink swim suit too!

Glitter Bomb Water Bottle.

Hydration on spring break is essential. While the Lilly Pulitzer S’Well water bottles are a hard thing to find these days we have found something better to hold your liquids–Shop’s glitter bomb water bottle. Aside from the glitter, the pink is giving us unicorn-spring break good vibes.

Tropical Round Sunnies.

Naturally, you’ll find yourself in the sun on your spring break retreat. Be sure you pack a pair (maybe two) of fun sunglasses that will take your #ootd from day to night.

Follow us on Instagram as we continue to share our spring break essentials. & Tweet us to tell us your favorite spring trends for 2017! Meet ya on the beach! #InspiredStyle

Wrap Up the Holidays

creative gift wrap ideas
Can you believe the holidays are already here? Aside from the shopping, baking, caroling, hot chocolate sipping, and other holiday activities you have to find the time to wrap all your purchases. Depending on whether or not you are a pro-wrapper or an uninspired gift wrapper this can either be a delightful task or a chore. Hopefully, wrapping up Christmas cheer is a task you wait for all year long. However, if you need a bit of holiday wrapping inspiration, look no further we have gift wrap ideas for you.

Disco Tunes 


Image Via 

If you only have paper grocery bags around the house no worries! A few cute stickers, tinsel, and a fun ornament (think tiny disco balls, a silver bell, etc) will help punch up your wrapping skills in no time flat.

Scarf Weather 


Wrapping your gifts in scarves (like this NIIRVA one) is like gifting a bonus gift. True, your recipient will be aglow with what’s under the scarf, but thankful that they have something pretty to ward off winter’s chill.

Green Wrapper 


Image Via 

Being the boho babes that we are, we like to incorporate nature whenever possible. Adding a sprig of greenery to your freshly wrapped package is not only pretty but festive too!

Confetti Craze 


Image Via

Let’s face it, the holidays are the time of year for confetti! Why not include a bit (okay, a lot) of confetti in your gift wrapping? To get the full confetti paper how-to read here. We think that a lot of confetti is never a bad thing!

Tribal Wrap 


Back with another one of our scarves, because really who doesn’t love getting two gifts in one? The bleak winter skies ahead will surely be brighter with this tribal print scarf.



Image Via 

So, you’ve bought your gift and realize you have no wrapping paper in the house. Don’t panic! Rather, go to yesterday’s newspaper and pick out the prettiest page or two. Reusing found materials around your home can often make for the prettiest (and most creative) gift wrap. Embellishing your gift with a sprig of holly is like the cherry on top of a sundae cone.

For more holiday inspiration follow us on Pinterest. Happy Holidays! 

BOHO Indian Summer

Wishing for an Indian Summer Autumn is approaching quickly, too quickly! While we here at NIIRVA are ready for plenty of fringes, suede, and wide brim hats we are almost certain that it’s going to be an Indian Summer. Basically, an Indian Summer is hot and dry weather that occurs within the first couple of weeks of fall. Also, the term can mean happiness brought to one later in life. Whatever definition you prefer, we aren’t complaining about desert like conditions as we’ll pretend it’s Coachella in autumn.

Here are a few of our Indian Summer picks. You be the judge of what your BOHO-glow favorite is.

Round Metal Sunnies: Circular and metal style frames are always a BOHO babe’s go-to sunglasses no matter the season.

Silk Bangles/NIIRVA: A fun arm party is an Indian Summer welcome party!

Ripped Denim: Destressed denim is a perfect in-between-seasons transition piece. The more holes in the pants, the more we love them!

Long Sleeve Ruffles: The long sleeve ruffle t-shirt is an Indian Summer/early fall staple. Tip, go for a neutral color so it can be paired with anything.

NIIRVA Teardrop Earrings: New earrings are always seasonal must have.

Bar Necklaces: Tiny bar necklaces inscribed with an important date or name may be small, but they make one heck of a statement.

Birkenstocks: If the weather is still too hazy for suede booties opt for suede Birkenstocks instead. You’ll be glad you did.

Metallic: Metallic pieces are great for all seasons.

Nudes: Natural beauties have always been the BOHO way and the same can be said for nude nail hues. A lighter nail color can be a seasonal refresher after all the neons this past summer.

Chunky Cardigans: The Indian Summery days may be hot, but the evenings can be a bit chilly. Chunky knits are a girl’s BFF.

Pointed Toe Lace-up Flats: You’re about to see the pointed toe lace-up flats everywhere as they are going to be fall’s hot new shoes. Look for them in red, black, and tan.

Plaid: Fall and plaid can never make you mad. If it’s super hot you can pair the plaid shirt with some jean shorts.

Saddle Bags: Small leather saddle bags have just enough room for your iPhone, lipstick, and Bohemian attitude.

Beaded Bangles/NIIRVA: Beads and the BOHO vibe go together nicely!

If we’re lucky enough to have an Indian Summer let’s run with it! No worries, as we’ll be back next month with a whole new approach to a more traditional fall #ootd attire. Stay beautiful, live inspired. Tweet us your early autumn faves @shopniirva.

Image via


Pom Poms Are Summer’s Newest Accessory


Image via 

“Baby put your pom poms down for me. Come on shake it up 123. Baby put your poms poms down for me.” So goes the Jonas Brother’s song, ”Pom Poms.” However, we are not talking about the 123 go team kind of pom poms, but the recent fashion additions that have been popping up across the social media-sphere as well as on the hottest blogs like Carrie Bradshaw Lied. Recently, pom poms both large and small have been seen on straw bags, beach totes, sandals, cover-ups, and purse charms. While the size, style, and texture of the pom poms vary, they all have one thing in common–color!

Yep, these trendy lil’ and big poms are super colorful and look great when they are grouped together. The biggest social media phenomenon with the pom pom craze is the lace up gladiator sandals adorned with yes, pom poms. Recently, Etsy shops across the globe have been popping up creating these avant garde sandals from scratch.

One shop that caught our attention is called Dimitris Workshop located in Athens Greece. Their tie up gladiator style sandals are decorated (to the max!) with colorful poms, tassels, and beads . These bohemian beauties run about $183.00. No, they’re not from the House of Dior, but owning a pair of these babies is sure to rack up your likes on Instagram.


Image via

We particularly are loving how Kathleen from the blog, Carrie Bradshaw Lied created her pom pom look. Her BOHO lace-up sandals came from the Etsy shop, Sandals of Love while her ‘Ciao’ straw bag accompanied with pom pom charms came from the online retailer, ShopBop.

However, ShopBop and Etsy are not the only ones to get in on the pom trend. We here at Niirva have a few pom poms up our selves. Have you seen our embroidered Kutch purse?

This small clutch, was created by the artisans from the Kutch regions of India. It has a fun and colorful beaded tassel with adorning pom poms.

When sporting the pom poms trend, it is safe to say that you can keep your other accessories down to the minimum. However, it is summer after all and a few things to make your poms pop are:

This 2016 summertime trend is meant to be a bit wild, a bit fun, and a tad out of some comfort zones. Whether you are a kindred BOHO spirit (like we are) or are looking for a unique way to spruce up your summer attire–pom poms are the way to go! Add a few to your bag, your shoes, beach hat, and cover up. If you think you added too many, it is probably safe to add at least a few more.

The more pom poms the merrier. After all, have you ever heard anyone say, ”Hey, I like your pom?”  Nope, cue the Jo Bros,”Baby put your pom poms down for me.”

Share your BOHO summer look with us #Inspiredstyle.

Blanket Scarves

Blanket Scarf

Get yours here!

Hello, December! This month sure did sneak up on us, but we are quite all right with that. With the coming of December comes (much) cooler temps and more reasons to bundle up. The blanket scarf was a huge trend last fall and winter and is back again this year. We’re elated to share our collection of blanket scarves with you today. They’re full of color and texture and the pom poms add that little bit of whimsy needed for fall/winter dressing.

We’ve literally got one for every style.

Two super bright options are perfect for that person who always adds color to their outfits.

Our brown, light pink, and gold one is for that person that truly embraces fall dressing. Neutral colors and subdued colors – it’s our personal favorite.

The black and white blanket scarf is for anyone who loves a classic. Can’t go wrong with these colors. We think it would look great paired with a red or pink coat.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means we’ll make a few cents (literally) if you click on the products and buy ’em.