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Pumpkin: Seasonal Favorites

Everything is coming up pumpkin! We already ordered a PSL — Pumpkin Spice Latte. Okay, we’re doing so today, but there are other of plenty pumpkin goodness products to try.

Here are some of our favorite pumpkin products for 2018.

VIA Urban Outfitters


Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask ($58)

We love a good facial mask & this deep cleaning one is just what doctor ordered.

Via Bath and Body Works

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Single Wick Candle ($14.50)

Oh, sweet pumpkin! We love–really, love the sweet fall scent of this Bath & Body Works Candle.

VIA Amazon

Pumpkin Spice Cheerios

Want to taste fall first thing in the morning? The limited edition pumpkin spice Cheerios is the way to do so. Plus, they make the milk taste pretty sweet too!

VIA Anthro.

Hello Pumpkin Dish Towel, Anthropologie, ($17)

Hell, Pumpkin! Whether you are baking pies or setting the table for gathering friends you need this pumpkin towel in your kitchen! ASAP. 

VIA Beauty Kind

Nest Fragrance Pumpkin Soap ($22)

Okay, you have to lather it all up using the season’s ‘it’ handsoap–a pure pumpkin scent!

VIA Amazon

PSL In a Bottle, Starbucks

Sometimes we want to keep the essence of fall-stocked inside our fridge. Therefore, we love the bottle Starbucks seasonal beverage this time of year.

VIA Anthro.

Fring Waffle Throw Blanket, Anthropologie ($128)

Adding pops of orange to your home decor is another fun way to add a bit of pumpkin spice & everything nice indoors too!

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Galentine’s Day Is Here

Galentine's Day Celebration

Galentine’s Day Quotes for Your Besties

Sure, we all know what day February 14th is…it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s unofficially the worst day to purchase flowers (as they’re overpriced)  and it’s nearly impossible to book a dinner reservation—anywhere! Maybe Valentine’s Day is a holiday that you well, love or maybe it isn’t a favorite of yours. Either way, there’s a better (lovelier) option called Galentine’s Day. This year, the ladies supporting ladies holiday falls on Wednesday, February 13th.

Yes, there is still plenty of pink hues, candy-coated chocolates, cutesy cards, and flowers involved, but with a fun female twist. Galentine’s Day (originally started as a day to celebrate good girlfriends and the single life) has grown into a somewhat feminist holiday full of catchy quips and #girlpower t-shirt and card slogans.

So, we have roundup a few of our favorite Galentine’s Day Quotes–we hope you love’em!

  • “You’re Like Really Pretty” Mean Girls 
  • “Fries Before Guys”
  • “We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, and work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.” Parks and Recs 
  • “I’ll always let you preview pictures before I post them on Instagram”
  • “You’re a poetic and noble land mermaid” Parks and Recs
  • “Oh my god my girlfriends are everything to me! They celebrate with you, they cry with you, they hold you when you need to be held. They laugh with you! They’re mean with you! They’re always there and that’s a priceless thing to have!” Jennifer Lopez
  • “I believe in Red Lipstick” 
  • “Happy Galentine’s Day! Overies before Broveries!” Parks and Rec 

So, we hope you found some (can we say ‘inspired’) phrases to write on your Galentine cards this year. Hey! If you’d like to treat your boho besties this year we recommend a few items from our shop!

  • Any gal would love pearls–especially three layers!
  • Purple is the color of the year & so is the color of our amethyst necklace!
  • However, you can’t go wrong with a beaded cuff!

Throwing a Galentine’s Party this year? Make sure you check out our Boho-inspired post all about the must-haves for the perfect fête!

Need more inspo for gifts? Check out our other Valentines-inspired post!

Host a Staycation

Is the fear of FOMO (the fear of missing out) setting in as you’re watching all your social media friends jet off to one Instagramable location to the next? Instead of getting green with envy get creative! Even if you have little to no travel plans set this summer–breath–we have a (great) idea/solution. Plan a ‘staycation’ right at home. There are perks to doing a staycation–no travel delays as well as it’s a money saving option. Plus, it’s fun to think outside of the vacay box.

So, what do you need for a staycation? Read on:

  • Beach Dirt: Sweets are probably the best way to ‘escape.’ Surely, this awesome recipe from Aww Sam will have your taste buds (and mind) beach wandering. (via Aww Samm)

  • Garland and Decor: In order to feel as if you pressed the “escape button” you’ll have to get crafty with your tropical decor. Think in punchy and bold color schemes when creating your inner oasis decorations. (via A Beautiful Mess)

  • Pool Floaties (Price varies): Whether you have a pool or a big backyard playful pool floats will add a new sense of fun to your staycation. SunnyLife USA has the cutest selection.

  • Nostalgia Cotton Candy Machine ($25): You’d think having your own personal cotton candy maker would be expensive, but there are affordable options out there! This Nostalgia one is under $30! What doesn’t say summertime fun like backyard cotton candy?

  • Copper Smartphone Projector ($30): After you’ve had your fun in the sun, watching a movie, music video or Insta Stories on a smartphone projector (yep, outdoors) will feel as if you’re at the drive-in. Pass the popcorn.

So, how do you feel about hosting your own staycation? Tweet us!

Happy New Year!

Can you believe that the old year, 2016 has left us and in its place is a New Year glittering with delight and new possibilities? After all, that’s what the start of a New Year offers each year. Aside from resolutions, fresh starts, and hopeful prospects–the New Year also rushes in a new color crush a la Pantone. The anticipated Pantone color of the year 2017 is Greenery (15-0343).

Greenery is the perfect blend of crisp freshness and a much-needed invigoration to begin a New Year.

The color green can symbolize harmony, wealthy, rejuvenation, as well as be an overall eye-catching color. Surely fashion houses, interior designers, and bloggers alike will incorporate the new Greenery color into their perfected crafts.

We here at NIIRVA have a few fun (unexpected) ways that you too can incorporate Greenery (or just green altogether) into your 2017. Happy New Year!

Image Via/Grant Cornett

KALE-Apple Smoothie

Surely, your post-holiday diet could use a bit of green and lightness. Did you imagine that you can incorporate green into your diet too and not just your design aesthetic?  Try blending a fresh kale-apple smoothie–we love this recipe here for a light right start to 2017.

Image via

Home Accents

Since Pantone comes out with a new hue each year, it doesn’t make sense to re-do your entire home in the New Year color. Instead, adding small pops of this year’s color around your home is more reasonable. Plus, affordable to your New Year wallet! The easiest way to add some Pantone splash around your living quarters is with pillows. We found this banana leaf print pillow from an Etsy shop, Pillomatic.

Image via

Quick Green Manicure 

Another easy (and yes, breezy) way to add a bit of green to your daily living is which a quick green manicure.  We’re not talking that crazy succulent manicure that was going viral online the last few months, but a pretty green nail color. Add in a bit of glitter for a fun effect to brighten up the dreary winter days ahead.


Of course, we have some green too! A pretty green earring to punch up your winter black OOTD is a welcomed New Year staple. So, are you into the new Pantone color? Tweet us @shopniirva or find us on Facebook and let us know!


Setting the Table for Fall

“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower” – Albert Camus.

With autumn in full bloom, there is plenty of room for campfires, gourd gathering, and enjoying friends in flannel. Hosting an autumn themed dinner party for two or twenty-two is an ideal way to welcome fall with friends and family. Of course, Niirva Style does so with a woodland/BOHO tablescape twist.

Select a Color Pallet.

When setting a fall tablescape begin with selecting the color pallet. Consider deep plums, burnt oranges, and wood textures like pictured above. Don’t be afraid to mix in actual elements from nature (nuts, berries, leaves, twigs etc). This will only make your fall gathering more plentiful. ( via Apartment 34)

Au Natural.

Since the fall table setting/party theme is woodland it would only make sense to incorporate trees into your table top. Using wood logs (you can purchase them pre-cut) as chargers is not only decorative but handy for hot plates. (via Nyla Free Design Inc.)


When planning most dinner parties, hostesses tend to focus more on the dinnerware versus the flatware. However, selecting pretty flatware can really add some festive flare to your table. This year, flatware never looked so pretty as gold spoons, forks, and knives are the new cutlery trend. (via Glitter Guide)


What you put on the table is just as important as what your hang above the table. To bring a bit of autumn inside, consider making a leaf mobile to hang over your table as you and your guests over-indulge. ( via Glitter Guide)

Dine Outdoors.

Weather permitting, how fun (and festive) would it be to host your woodsy themed party outdoors? Very! If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor fall celebration be sure to incorporate cozy knits, extra pillows, and touches of copper (like trays and cups). These added elements will make the day truly feel like a fall celebration! (via The House That Lars Built)

Signature Cocktail. 

Lastly, one final thing to do in your fall party prep is to think about including a signature cocktail/drink. Since it’s autumn something fizzy with a hint of spice seems appropriate. This delicious Apple Brandy Allspice Fizz Cocktail from Sugar and Cloth would go smoothly with the woodland fall theme. Don’t forget to garnish with an apple slice or two.

So, are you inspired to create a woodland themed fall fete? Remember, when planning to take all details into consideration from the table linen colors to the what color of silverware you hope to use. Earthy tones, as well as deep gem tones, go well with the fall harvest theme. Pops of copper and gold add another decorative layer to the party’s mix.

Also, note if you’re seeking a few new pieces to wear to a dinner party, be sure to stop by our shop!

Happy Harvest.

How To Throw A Boho Evening Soirée


Now that the nights are a little warmer, the skies are filled with stars, and fireflies roam the backyards, it is the ideal time to throw a boho chic inspired summertime soirée . Just imagine, treating your friends and family to a night of a beautifully decorated table, good food, great conversation, and easy-listening music lingering in the background. Pretty inspired, right?

While this party idea sounds magical, it can sound a bit daunting too. Not to worry, we have a few party tips and elements that you can use when it comes to throwing your own summer night party.


untitled-1-155 Color Combo

Pick a color combination that you can stick with when selecting everything from your party decorations, dinnerware, and even your food and drink selections. Having a color palette picked from the start will make your decision making abilities easier and quicker. Often, boho colors are rich earth tones, but don’t be afraid to go with bold choices too–like turquoise and a bright orange or various shades of soft and bright pinks. Visit our NIIRVA Style Pinterest board for more color inspiration.

Table Settings

Table decorations are key to hosting a pretty party. Since this is a boho themed event, pick bohemian elements that you can create flower arrangements with as well as centerpieces. Popular boho items are plenty of vibrant colored flowers, succulents in ceramic/clay pots, and feathers–you can add a touch of feathers to your potted plants, name cards, and napkin rings.

Special Touches

Adding certain small yet special elements to your party not only conveys the mood, but shows your guests that you are a thoughtful host. You can provide various bangles that guests can slip around their glasses/wine glass stems so they can remember who’s drink is who’s. Creative? We think so. See our NIIRVA bangles for some inspiration.

Pillow Seat

If your outdoor soirée gets bigger by the numbers and you are out of room, no worries. Lush pillows make for a very Moroccan themed party. Also, draping colorful fabrics and stringing lights sets the tone for a very bohemian mood.


Final Touches

A Wild Rose Petal Sangria recipe from Feasting at Home would make a darling final touch to your neatly decorated table. You can also add various scarves to place around flower arrangements as well as for napkins or party favors–we have some from our shop.   Also, providing flower crowns or a flower crown making party is another way to bring the BOHO vibe into your ultimate summertime soirée . You can read our past blog post on how-to-make your very own flower crown.

Are you inspired yet to create your own boho night? Hopefully, you are. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @shopniirva  as we will be posting various boho summer evening party ideas throughout the month of July. Make sure you use the hashtag #InspiredStyle so we can see your party plans too.

Images via 12, 34,

Boho Decor

main.original (1)

This home can only be described as boho meets minimalism. The stark white walls are the perfect canvas for the print and textile laden decor. Every single piece is perfectly thought out making the space seem livable and welcoming. The layering of the textiles is one of our favorite things about the home. A multitude of textiles are all layered on with pops of white in between making the space look complete.

Dressing your home is much like dressing your body. You can start with a blank canvas and layer on accessories to add a personal touch. Add any one of our accessories to make your look all your own.

Here’s a look at our favorite boho pieces for the home.


Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means we’ll make a few cents (literally) if you click on the products and buy ’em.

main.original (2) main.original (3) main.original (4) main.original (5) main.original (6) main.original (7) main.original (8) main.original (9) main.original (10) main.original (11) main.original images via

Decorating Updates

Simple decorating updates

Surprise! Did you know we sell select home decor items? Namely pillow covers – the simplest of decorating updates. With three styles in various colorways you’ll be sure to find the perfect one to dress up your home. Our favorite? The pink one with elephants of course!

Be sure to stop by and shop the entire collection.