Coachella 2018

Hi friends! It’s that time of year again–Coachella! This year, Coachella runs through the weekends of April 13th and April 22nd! A few of the biggest names in the music biz are headlining the desert valley such as Eminem, Beyoncé, and The Weekend. Ticket holders {in this case, wristband wearers} will also hear other acts including, but not limited to Child, HAIM, Snail Mail, Slow Magic, and many more.

However, music at Coachella is only part of the experience–there’s other sites to see and things to Instagram.

The art scene at the festival grows each year. This year, expect displays and exhibits by Spectrum, SuperNova, Lodestar, and others.

True, there’s a slew of lodging options when staying at the festival, but one of the most chill experiences is to lodge in one of the camp’s Safari Lounges. Yes, it’s a posh experience with private parking options and cozy camp-room service, but a fun luxury for sure.

Of course, no trip is complete without savoring – and tasting – the music festival’s cuisine!  Coachella has a Bloody Mary Bar, a Farmer’s Market, Frankie’s Chicken and Waffles, Java GOGO, and so much more. You’ll not only be eating your way through Coachella but Insta-Storying it too.

Why not browse a few of our past {ahem, favorite} blog posts were we shared what to expect at Coachella and {the most important} what to wear.

Image via Coachella 

Coachella Resources:

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Happy Coachella-Ing!