Must Try: Recipes for Fall

Fall Recipes to Try

Fall is officially staring us in the face. September 23rd marks the official start of fall which means all things fall need to start happening now here at Niirva HQ. We’ve shared our favorite fall looks and our must have fall booties and next up on the docket is yummy fall desserts!

There’s something about fall that that makes us want to stay home, bake, and eat our yummy creations. We’ve picked three fall desserts that we’re dying to try, and all something that anyone can do!

Pumpkin Zucchini Chocolate Chip Bread: This dessert looks seriously scrumptious. We love the fact that the word healthy is in the title and love it even more that there’s pumpkin too! Because it’s not fall without a hint of pumpkin. We’d eat this during a big football game or after a dinner of hearty stew.

Fall Recipes to Try

Apple Crisp: This is a fall staple at any household. Whip this up for a family gathering. And make sure you eat it when it’s nice and hot so the ice cream melts! It’s the best that way.

Fall Recipes to Try

Salted Caramel Pretzel Snaps: Did someone say sweet and salty? You have our ear! Satisfy that sweet/salty craving with the perfect mix of the two. We think we’ll be snacking on these all fall long.

What are your favorite fall desserts? We want to know!