Falling for Fall Fashion 2016

Fall Fashion 2016 Preview

It’s August and we are not ready to trade our pom-pom sandals for duck boots, nor are we wanting to return our mango margaritas for pumpkin spice lattes. However, with the month of August comes the anticipation for fall and fall fashion. Everyone from retail to bloggers are pushing summer into their rearview mirrors and setting sites on earth tones with fringe details. Being in the fashion biz, we have to  embrace – or at least report – the anticipated fall 2016 trends. Secretly, we’ll be wearing our bikinis underneath our pea coats.

Capelets. Capelets are trending for fall 2016 fashion. The past few years the cape has been en vogue, but this season the cape has gotten a makeover. A capelet is very European and basically is a shorter version of the cape. We can’t guarantee how warm it will keep you, but you’ll look really chic.

Pumpkin Hues. If pumpkin pie is a fav of yours, it just might be your new favorite color too. Burnt orange and similar shades in the pumpkin orange family will be the 2016 Fall go-to color.

Choker. The 90’s called and said the choker is back, but bigger and better than before. The large, clunky, jaw-dropping variations of the choker necklace are expected to pop up this fall.

Socks and Heels: Temps tend to drop in autumn, so if you insist on wearing socks with high heels, then you’re in luck as this is considered a 2016 fall fashion trend. Tip, wear sheer socks with your heels.

Glam BOHO: Everyone loves a BOHO girl. We do! This season, BOHO gets vamped up a level. Take your bohemian dresses and skirts to the next level  with fall floral patterns and heel booties.

Statement Necklace: A statement necklace is always in season-no matter the season. Niirva has a wide selection.

Velvet: If fall had a texture, it would be velvet. Luckily, you’ll be able to find velvet blazers,  pants, dresses, and more just in time for autumn.

Sparkle Booties: Sparkles and booties go together like pumpkin and spice. Zara has created the perfect boots for fall that are is sparkly and affordable. They are only $60.00! The bad part is that they sold out in minutes. There is a waiting list and there is always hope that Zara will make more of these cuties before the trees begin to change.

Scarves:  Even before the first leaf falls, scarves are popping up everywhere! Niirva has a selection-some even have pom-pons.

Party Tee. You may already know (if not tune in) there’s an election going on. Fashion tends to raise its voice and create fashionable campaign tees for voters to sport during the campaign. Ann Taylor has a rather stylish #IamWithHer Tee that everyone from Demi Lovato to Emma Roberts are wearing.

Top Knot: You have seen Kendall Jenner and the other it models sporting tight, chic, and simple top knots. Well, get on board as top knots are fall’s go-to hairstyle.

Jean Jacket: The jean jacket had it’s moment in the 80’s and now it’s back to play. One way to bring the jean jacket into 2016 is to add on patches. The more patches you add, the cooler your jacket looks.

This list has us warming up to the idea of pumpkins, lattes, and cinnamon buns. While we wait for fall, we should at least wear our pom-pom sandals. Show us your fall looks on Instagram  @Shopniirva #Inspiredstyle.

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