Go for the Gold

Gold Necklaces

We’re loving gold this week and necklaces are on the mind. Gold goes with practically everything and according to Stacy London and Clinton Kelly (What Not to Wear) it’s a neutral! We know we just rocked your world with that. You can even mix metallics. Yes, you heard right. Now that we’ve enlightened you, we’re sharing our favorite gold necklaces from our Niirva assortment.

Intertwined Necklace: This braided necklace lies flat and high. The length is perfect for a crewneck dress of t-shirt.

Loopy Necklace: This one is our favorite. It’s the prefect length and makes a statement without being over-the-top. Wear it with your favorite fall top.

String Necklace: The simplest of our gold necklaces. This is a wardrobe staple and must. Layer it on over your favorite black top for that perfect pop of gold.

Mala Necklace: Inspired by the traditional prayer beads, this necklace adds a unique touch to any outfit.

Borromean Necklace: This bold necklace is long and great for wear with a printed dress.

So, which one is your favorite? It’s a tough choice! Tag us @ShopNiirva with snaps of your favorite gold necklaces.