Niirva: Who We Are


Welcome to the Niirva Blog! We are so excited with the launch of our line and wanted to take a moment to tell you about who we are. We are based in sunny South Florida and have our ethnic roots in India with heavy Tibetan influences that can be seen in our unique pieces that fill our online boutique. We offer items that are primarily handmade, made with techniques that have been passed down through generations.

We believe in quality, creativity, great craftsmanship, and inspired style. We like to think of ourselves as a fusion of traditional and contemporary fashion that can be worn and expressed by one’s own imaginative style.

Who is the Niirva woman? She’s adventurous, a little bohemian, loves a pop of color, is up on trends, but never shies away from creating her own. She knows who she is and knows how to have fun. She’s the kind of woman who embraces a challenge, a change, she’s an overcomer, loves to travel solo or with friends, winds down with a good book, and never lets go of her dreams. She frequents restaurants that serve authentic food regardless of the ambience, she can’t say no to dessert, and takes any opportunity to meet a friend for coffee. She’s a lover of style, open to new thoughts and ideas, is driven to succeed, and walks with her head held high no matter the circumstance. She’s every girl you’ve ever known. She’s you, me, your mom, sister, best friend and she’s an inspiration in so many ways.

Ready to shop Niirva and make it your own? We’ve got tons of items for you to add to your wardrobe – from classic, to traditional, to funky, and colorful. Take your pick and let us know how you styled your Niirva goods by using the #niirvastyle. Who knows, we may feature your look on the blog!