One Tote Three Ways

niirva tote bag Tote-niirva-blog2 Tote-niirva-blog3

Happy Monday! We’re back this week with inspiration on the multiple uses for your Niirva Tote.

First look is for a day at the beach. We mentioned we are based in South Florida and although there has been a bit of a cold snap here this week we’re waiting for the temps to rise slightly so we can pack our Niirva tote full of beach essentials and catch some rays. Not in sunny climate? Then let this be an inspiration to book a beach getaway!

Our second look is for our girls that are trying to get through this spring semester. Whether it be high school or college, our colorful totes will be sure to brighten your school days and give you that extra dose of happy to get you through to the end of the school year. Only one month until Spring Break!

Look three is all about the trip to the market. Living in the cold? Add some tights, boots, a cardigan, and one of our scarves to make the look more winter-friendly. Pack your list, your essentials, and load up the tote with all your market finds!

How would you use our tote? We’d love to know. Leave a comment here or let us know on instagram or facebook with the hashtag #niirvastyle.

Look One: Hat, Tote, Swim Suit Top and Bottoms, Towel, Sandals
Look Two: Top, Loafers, Bracelet, Tote, Jeans
Look Three: Shoes, Necklace, Tote, Dress