Pom Poms Are Summer’s Newest Accessory


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“Baby put your pom poms down for me. Come on shake it up 123. Baby put your poms poms down for me.” So goes the Jonas Brother’s song, ”Pom Poms.” However, we are not talking about the 123 go team kind of pom poms, but the recent fashion additions that have been popping up across the social media-sphere as well as on the hottest blogs like Carrie Bradshaw Lied. Recently, pom poms both large and small have been seen on straw bags, beach totes, sandals, cover-ups, and purse charms. While the size, style, and texture of the pom poms vary, they all have one thing in common–color!

Yep, these trendy lil’ and big poms are super colorful and look great when they are grouped together. The biggest social media phenomenon with the pom pom craze is the lace up gladiator sandals adorned with yes, pom poms. Recently, Etsy shops across the globe have been popping up creating these avant garde sandals from scratch.

One shop that caught our attention is called Dimitris Workshop located in Athens Greece. Their tie up gladiator style sandals are decorated (to the max!) with colorful poms, tassels, and beads . These bohemian beauties run about $183.00. No, they’re not from the House of Dior, but owning a pair of these babies is sure to rack up your likes on Instagram.


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We particularly are loving how Kathleen from the blog, Carrie Bradshaw Lied created her pom pom look. Her BOHO lace-up sandals came from the Etsy shop, Sandals of Love while her ‘Ciao’ straw bag accompanied with pom pom charms came from the online retailer, ShopBop.

However, ShopBop and Etsy are not the only ones to get in on the pom trend. We here at Niirva have a few pom poms up our selves. Have you seen our embroidered Kutch purse?

This small clutch, was created by the artisans from the Kutch regions of India. It has a fun and colorful beaded tassel with adorning pom poms.

When sporting the pom poms trend, it is safe to say that you can keep your other accessories down to the minimum. However, it is summer after all and a few things to make your poms pop are:

This 2016 summertime trend is meant to be a bit wild, a bit fun, and a tad out of some comfort zones. Whether you are a kindred BOHO spirit (like we are) or are looking for a unique way to spruce up your summer attire–pom poms are the way to go! Add a few to your bag, your shoes, beach hat, and cover up. If you think you added too many, it is probably safe to add at least a few more.

The more pom poms the merrier. After all, have you ever heard anyone say, ”Hey, I like your pom?”  Nope, cue the Jo Bros,”Baby put your pom poms down for me.”

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