Setting the Table for Thanksgiving

It’s November which officially is Thanksgiving month. All month long cooks, hostesses, and turkey lovers will be busy gathering supplies and seriously perfecting menus for the fourth Thursday of the month–Thanksgiving! While cooking Thanksgiving dinner is no easy matter you can’t focus all of your creative attention on the main dish (and side dishes) to the point where you forget about the table settings and fixings.

Below, we are sharing a roundup (of sorts) to fix your table so it’s good and ready for Turkey Day. Thankfully!

Millennial Thanksgiving

What’s a millennial Thanksgiving? Basically, it’s stepping away from traditional table decor and opting for bright colors, pom-pom embellishments, metallic blow up letter balloons (spelling ‘Thankful’ or ‘Turkey Time’). It’s fresh. Modern. And fun! (via Brit + Co)

Hipster Thanksgiving 

Who wouldn’t want to attend a hipster Thanksgiving? Aside from the creative and, no doubt, sustainably healthy food pairings, the decor is bound to be super cool. For instance, a brightly decorated table with a simple Thanksgiving banner is an understated form of ‘cool.’ (via A Beautiful Mess)

Friends’ Giving

Hosting a Friends’ Giving isn’t anything new, but adding a colorful twist and making the party 100% Instagram-able give it a fresh twist. Everything from unexpected neon-pastel color combos to blow up turkey legs makes this a party we all wanna go to! (via Aww. Sam)

Slightly Traditional 

If you’re a traditionalist at heart, going with a gathering of gourds, mums, and DIY ‘thankful’ wreaths is your best bet. Touches of golds with a pop of navy here and there will add an unexpected touch. (via The Yellow Spectacles Blog)

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