Wrap Up the Holidays

creative gift wrap ideas
Can you believe the holidays are already here? Aside from the shopping, baking, caroling, hot chocolate sipping, and other holiday activities you have to find the time to wrap all your purchases. Depending on whether or not you are a pro-wrapper or an uninspired gift wrapper this can either be a delightful task or a chore. Hopefully, wrapping up Christmas cheer is a task you wait for all year long. However, if you need a bit of holiday wrapping inspiration, look no further we have gift wrap ideas for you.

Disco Tunes 


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If you only have paper grocery bags around the house no worries! A few cute stickers, tinsel, and a fun ornament (think tiny disco balls, a silver bell, etc) will help punch up your wrapping skills in no time flat.

Scarf Weather 


Wrapping your gifts in scarves (like this NIIRVA one) is like gifting a bonus gift. True, your recipient will be aglow with what’s under the scarf, but thankful that they have something pretty to ward off winter’s chill.

Green Wrapper 


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Being the boho babes that we are, we like to incorporate nature whenever possible. Adding a sprig of greenery to your freshly wrapped package is not only pretty but festive too!

Confetti Craze 


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Let’s face it, the holidays are the time of year for confetti! Why not include a bit (okay, a lot) of confetti in your gift wrapping? To get the full confetti paper how-to read here. We think that a lot of confetti is never a bad thing!

Tribal Wrap 


Back with another one of our scarves, because really who doesn’t love getting two gifts in one? The bleak winter skies ahead will surely be brighter with this tribal print scarf.



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So, you’ve bought your gift and realize you have no wrapping paper in the house. Don’t panic! Rather, go to yesterday’s newspaper and pick out the prettiest page or two. Reusing found materials around your home can often make for the prettiest (and most creative) gift wrap. Embellishing your gift with a sprig of holly is like the cherry on top of a sundae cone.

For more holiday inspiration follow us on Pinterest. Happy Holidays!